Time Flies By and Transition

Time Flies By and Transition

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The time is really flying by–or, so it seems to me.  We’re already into the month of May and it doesn’t seem possible! With the apparent fast passage of time, it’s becomes more important that we try to make the most of each day, month, and year.  And then, there can be periods of time that seem like it’ll never end—it’s a relief to leave it behind.  While we don’t really know how much time we have in our life, how we experience it is mostly up to us.

As that old saying goes, do we see the cup as half full, or half empty?  It depends on your point of view and what’s currently going on in your daily life.  As we work through our challenges, do we have more positive or negative experiences?  The truth is, it may not be so clear while we’re in the middle of it.  When those difficult times happen, maybe it’s not so easy to gracefully move through them.  Ideally, it’s a good thing to do: just take a few moments to balance yourself, breathing and receiving some Divine guidance, at peace knowing that it will pass.  Sometimes, we may be successful doing this, and other times, things don’t go as planned.

I’m still challenged at times, on the odd occasion raising my voice in frustration, maybe even stomping a foot.  Then, diving quickly into a state of victimhood—with thoughts of,“Why is this happening to me?  I did not sign up for this!”  Oh, but maybe I did in some sort of way or another.  Of course, there’s probably a lesson to learn—an opportunity for potential enlightenment that I’m somehow resisting.  Still, it might just feel like a crappy deal.  Clearly, it might take some time to process through it.

About four years ago, I took on a part-time position as one of the caregivers for Bev, a successful woman who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.  At first, I thought it might, at most, last a couple of years.  I’d discover I had little idea of what was ahead of me.  While there’s been many positive experiences, there have been those longer days when it wasn’t so easy, and I didn’t want to do it anymore.

Overall, these four years have passed quickly—it doesn’t seem that much time has passed.  And it didn’t go according to plan.  I’ve learned much from my time with Bev.  It’s now bittersweet–both cup half full and cup half empty—as Bev transitions to a memory care facility and I’m transitioning in my own way.   

It’s going to take some time as I learn to balance the good with the not-so-good, tapping into my Divine guidance, taking only what was meant to be learned and leaving the rest behind.  As the time now continues to quickly pass, I’ll open the door and transition into new possibilities … and I’m taking it one step at a time!

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