Testimonials & Thanks

“WOWZA! You ROCK! Just got off the phone for my reading and I got an idea for a new program AND the domain was available. Not sure what this program is ABOUT yet, but I am sure it will become clear. Sending kisses and hugs! XO”

— Dawn Todd, Author of the Feminine Intention, DawnTodd.com

“Thank you! I had such a lovely time talking with you. You were so right about so many things, and really helped reveal possibilities I had not thought of before.”

— Bonnie Kelso, CreatingYourExperience.com

“Annie is a gifted intuitive with a spirit that glows and radiates a beautiful warmth that can even be felt over the phone. Her messages are finely tuned and delivered in such an eloquent and heartfelt way. I cannot speak more highly about the accuracy and validation that she powerfully hones in on and I highly recommend Annie to anyone who is ready to make a positive shift towards greater awareness, a lighter state of being, and finding more peace and joy in life. Thank you again, Annie, you truly are an earth Angel!”

— Katie Power, Nutritionist & Spiritual Healer

“Annie brings a lot of clarity and she is amazing at delivering the message. She brings joy and a true passion for helping others and she was able to recognize who I am. From her clear vision, she gave me the message that I needed in order to step into my next level. Thank you, Annie!”

— Nicole Levac, Locksmith for your Soul, NicoleLevac.com

“I had a reading from Annie when I was at a phase of transitioning in my business. The information that came through helped me with giving me so much clarity through this period on so many levels it was amazing. I would highly recommend Annie to anyone at whatever phase in their journey. And I love Annie’s style which is very free flowing and loving. I’m so grateful to her as every part of my transitioning and upleveling in my business has components from the reading I had with her. Thank you, Annie!”

— Charan Surdhar, Epigeneticist, CharanSurdhar.com

“Thank you so much for the reading, Annie! I enjoyed it very much. Interesting information – and it was amazing how right on you were in so many areas! You are quite intuitive – and so very passionate about this work. It shows in the way you show up and take care of your clients. Thanks for that! XO”

— Colleen Davis, Transformation Muse, ColleenDavis.com

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