Let Your Inner Kid Out to Play

Let Your “Inner Kid” Out & Weight Release Group Update

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How do we lose our joy?  It bothers me when I see how in-a-rush we can be to have our kids “grow up”. They are only young for such a short time—let them be kids!—for as long as it’s healthy to do so. We can allow them to enjoy their childhood and, at the same time, assist them in growing into responsible, fully functional adults.

One thing that helps me not take life too seriously, is being mindful of my “inner kid”.  At certain times, when I acknowledge my younger self, it can shift my outlook and change the experience of my day.

Of course, there are times—maybe several times in a day–that one needs to be the responsible adult.  But sometimes–maybe several times in a day–one may need to just kick back and make space for your inner kid.  Not a destructive, dysfunctional kid, but the best of your younger self—the one filled with compassionate love, open-hearted, not yet jaded by life’s challenges, present to see the humor, wonder and simple joy of life.  To those who may say this is an immature view of things:  I say these folks may be the ones most in need of a re-connection with their youthful self. They may be people that were forced to grow up too fast—stunting the growth of their inner-kid.  It’s likely many of us can relate to this lack of development, yet, I don’t think it’s ever too late to nurture this neglected part of ourselves.  We can re-discover and re-connect with our inner kid by being present to, and allowing space for, all the joy and wonder that’s there for us to experience — anytime we put our mind to it!

Also, I’ve been working on my weight release and it’s an ongoing journey.  I’d like to see how many people may be interested in joining a test group and explore possibilities. If you’d like to participate–possibly a monthly call, sharing useful information, and other ways to connect and support one another, please sign up below for updates.

Note:  If this is catching your attention, don’t wait — please sign up now!

As a “Thank You!” for those that join & maintain participation in this test group:  They will receive an exclusive discount that will apply to all future weight release programs & content.

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