Trusting the Signs

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Today is December 22, 2019, and my 60th birthday…yet I don’t feel a day over 39. Numbers often carry a meaning, and I’ve learned to trust the numeric signs I receive. In my past, I’ve put an unhealthy focus on the weight scale numbers — enslaving myself to unrealistic numbers that weren’t healthy for me to try and maintain. You may receive divinely inspired numeric messages; trust your guidance on why a number may be significant to you.

Last month the 5th and final book in the 365 series was released – “365 Soulful Messages: The Right Guidance and the Right Time”, an Amazon #1 bestseller in 9 categories. Click on the image to check it out. It contains 365 personal stories from over 250 contributing authors, including me! Below, is one of my submissions, on page 45.

Trusting the Signs – by Annie Price

Soulful messages can be revealed to us in a variety of ways; the timing of how and when a message is delivered depends on the person receiving it. We may not always understand the message right away – needing the passage of time to see the divine bigger picture in what initially felt like a mystery.

Since I was a young girl, I was drawn to mysteries of all kinds, including scary tales and television shows with Rod Serling. Sometimes, when my parents and relatives were visiting, the talk would shift to eerie stories that appeared to have no explanation. They were often described in detail that was intended to have you sitting on the edge of your seat – maybe with the added bonus of goosebumps and needing the lights on at bedtime.

My curiosity continued through the years, and I read much about the “woo-woo” – extraordinary capabilities and other parts of the human experience that we still don’t understand. I’ve found that these mysteries require trust and faith in a higher power and in your own inner guidance, no matter where it may lead you.

A few years ago, I began seeing the number 1 on a regular basis, mostly on clocks. For example, I’d see numbers like 11:00, or 11:11, or 1:11. I’d also see “11” in other places at unexpected times. This felt like more than mere coincidence; it seemed designed to get my attention. I looked up what these numbers might mean and discovered that “11:11” is the number of spiritual awakening. It’s a good sign, full of great potential – a sign that you’re on the right path and your actions are aligned with your soul’s purpose. When you see this sign, I learned, you can expect major changes in your life and should stay open and grounded, show gratitude, and ask for guidance when you need it.

Your soulful message may pull you in a direction you’d ordinarily avoid, and the true essence of the message may take time to fully process. But keep following the signs and trust that it will all make sense someday.

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